Friday, March 27, 2009

Okay, Sorry, I'm back, Twitter me...

Sorry to say it been a busy few weeks trying to get the morning show up and running. It's been about a month now and things are starting to get normal. I have to thank Victoria Babu, Frank Ladd, and Big Ox who are all doing a great job. Except for the day Andrew overslept and came in a hour or so late. Check for all the audio coming from the show, we have had a good run of guests.

As for our sports guy, John Marecek, I don't know if I want to thank him or hit him. He has helped me get twitter on my blackberry. So along with my mobile Facebook application, I can twitter and or write on my Facebook wall at a moments notice. I can upload pictures to my twitter account or Facebook page anytime, anywhere. Now I have added my twitter updates to this blog. I think now I'm current with all the latest social networking sites. Join my twitter updates which I can only hope get better as I get used to doing this, or comment on a post from time to time. My goal is to make all of these places just like my show. Newsworthy, entertaining, and maybe a little bit of fun along the way. McGraw 3/26/09

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sorry, it's been a week....

I promised I would write often, but since it's been announced that I was going to mornings things have been spinning out of control.

Trying to plan a show, while making sure the audience gets what it wants, and making sure everybody knows what is going on, can be a bit overwhelming. I think Big Ox wanted to toss me through the glass window in the studio at least four different times.

Thank you for all of your emails, both the positive ones and the not so positive ones. Most wanted to know if it was my decision to move to the mornings? The short answer is yes.

While I loved doing my 9-noon show, I agreed to make the switch after management agreed to my short list of demands. I should have asked for more. Doing a mid morning show is very different than a morning drive time show and with the full support of KTRS, I was willing to give is a try.

We will try and bring you the latest in news from national, regional, local. With Victoria Babu in the KTRS news room we will have a top notch local newscast, and with the sports guys checking in from Jupiter, we will have spring training covered better than anybody.

It's going to be a change for everybody, and yes, I will find a place for World Famous Dr. Ron, and Media Critic Dick Weiss, Sauce's Kat Neville, Jeff Duncan, and of course Deb Peterson. But because we have more time we can also talk with legendary newsman, Sam Donaldson, and ABC's Linda Albin from London and many more interesting people who will help inform you on a daily basis.

Plus we will try and keep the 9am hour open for phone calls because I love nothing better than taking calls from you.

Thanks and I always look forward to your comments, and thanks for letting me get you to work in the mornings on KTRS. Wish me luck....... McGraw 2/28/09

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-MO) says hearings on the Fairness Doctrine are on the way

While talking with Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-MO) today about the stimulus package I found myself with a few minutes left at the end of the interview. So I asked him a question about the Fairness Doctrine. For a while now, right wing talk show hosts have been discussing how Democrats want to bring "equal time" back to radio. I thought they were crazy, it would never happen.

Well, according to Congressman Carnahan they are talking about it on Capital Hill and he is expecting hearings on the topic. He even mentioned me testifying in front of Congress. Listen to the audio.

Do you want a little preview of what I would say if called?

Bringing back the Fairness Doctrine would be the single worst thing for talk radio, for fairness, for freedom of speech, and for America. If they want to destroy one of the greatest forms of communication, by all means bring back the fairness doctrine. McGraw 2/12/09

Monday, February 9, 2009

You're old when your excited meeting Norm Abram

Each year the Collinsville woodworking show corresponds with my birthday weekend. Each year I've looked forward to learning new tricks for my hobby, and this year I felt it was my patriotic duty to spend money on a dovetail jig to help stimulate the economy.

As I turned 42, something strange happened. I showed a picture of my hand made wall mirror to my hero. Is it possible to have a hobby hero? I don't know, but he said, "nice job" and no finer birthday present has ever been given.

Yep that right, the Sultan of the Table Saw, the Bambino of the Dedicated Mortiser, and the Colossus of Cherry Wood, Norm Abram said he approved.

Norm is one of the hosts of "This Old House" and more importantly "The New Yankee Workshop" on PBS. He can't leap tall buildings in a single bound but he can build a Armoire in a half hour.

I started watching the show years ago because it was fun to take a Saturday afternoon nap to the hum of Norm's router and the calmness of his voice. Then I wanted to see how he would taper a leg, or join to different boards. I was hooked. My sister and I would count how many different machines he would use on a given show. We could never agree because we would argue over his jigs, are they considered a tool?

After years of dreaming, I jumped. I bought a router, a flush cutting bit, and with a little gumption built an Adirondack chair. Since then I have built a hope chest, screen doors, a book case, a Bowed Arm Morris Chair, an Eastwood Chair and numerous other projects.

Norm said, 'nice job" as I showed him my cell phone picture of the hand made hall mirror that I built using his plans. I went to, downloaded the plans, and studied them for months before I built up the courage to start working on the project. Meeting Norm and showing him the picture, I felt like a little kid who practiced the swing of his favorite big leaguer for years before finally getting the chance to show off the batting stance to the owner.

In the three minute conversation, Norm could not have been any nicer. I know he did it out of the kindness of his woodworking heart, and not because I spend $600 dollars with the sponsor who brought him to the show. Though I did notice the sales person whisper in Norm's his ear right before he introduced me to the woodworking giant.

As I started the day, I was melancholy about my 42nd birthday. After meeting Norm, I came to the conclusion that it was the best birthday I've ever had. Then I really scared myself, how old am I getting if I'm excited about meeting Norm Abram? Those thoughts were quickly replaced with the anticipation of getting home and downloading the Tall Case Oak Clock plans. That's the project Norm said I should try next. McGraw 2/9/09

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Macy's lays off 7000 people, try selling gloves in the winter

Last week, while traveling in New York City, I left my scarf in a taxi cab. No problem, it's the biggest city in the world in the center of the fashion world, let me go buy a new one.

Well, has anyone tried to buy a scarf or a pair of gloves in Manhattan in January? You can't. Yes you can buy one from a street vendor, but in a name brand store? You can't do it. I know, I tried.

Walking into the Gap Store on 5th Ave I asked, "Where are you guys hiding the gloves and the scarfs?"

After the sales girl gave me a look like I was from Mars or the Midwest, I couldn't tell, she said, "we aren't selling them anymore, our spring line is in." Sensing she wanted to add "doofus" to the end of the sentence, I replied quickly,

"It's 10 degrees gloves? scarfs??.............really???"

She was right, nowhere in the Gap store on 5th Ave in New York City on a windy, cold day, could a customer find a pair of gloves or a scarf to help battle the elements.

After checking a few other stores and unless I wanted to spend 550 dollars on a scarf from Brooks Brothers, I was out of luck. To obtain a scarf I would either have to go to the New York City Taxi lost and found or I would have to fight through the people who were buying them from the street vendors, which seemed to be on every corner. So I passed, and thought once I get back to St Louis, I'll walk into any store and I'll have an endless choice.

The following week, safe and sound back in St Louis, I went looking for my replacement. Nope no luck. A few pairs of gloves on the clearance rack, but no scarfs. The temperature outside, 19 degrees. I looked again, this time at another store. Yep, a few gloves and a few dirty scarfs on the clearance rack. I did happen to see new shorts hanging perfectly next to short sleeve shirts, and bathing suits, all at full price.

After visiting a few more stores, I came to one simple conclusion. One could purchase the same swimsuit, or the newest style of linen pants in either New York City or St Louis, but you can't buy a scarf anywhere.

It's now February in St Louis, it's four degrees outside, the wind chill is below zero, snow is on the ground, and we are in the mist of another typical winter, and you can't find a scarf. But if you get the urge to purchase a new silk shirt, you'll have plenty of options.

When would the retail stores want us to buy a scarf? July 4th?? Missouri isn't as hip as the rest of the world, so please if January isn't the right time, when is it acceptable to walk into a Gap store in New York City and ask for a pair of gloves, and not feel like you asked for a pair of sans-a-belt pants?

Now we hear Macy's is laying off 7000 people because of sluggish sales. I'm just a talk show host from St Louis, what do I know, but maybe if they carried more winter clothes... say during the winter months... sales wouldn't be so bad. McGraw 2/3/09

Friday, January 30, 2009

Warner was wrongly run out of town

Don't let them fool you, the sports guys in town, and the so called knowledgeable sports callers, along with Mike Martz, ran Kurt Warner out of town. Now that Warner and the Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl, everybody is back on the Warner bandwagon. Not me, I was never off it, I'm the one driving.

The "intellectuals" who tried to bury him now say they always wanted Warner as the Rams quarterback, but he was injured. The rhetoric spewed on the airways in St Louis then went well beyond that and into something laughable. People questioned his religion, "it got in the way of him playing football." They questioned his wife Brenda, "she wanted to run the team." They questioned his health, "he's lying about his wrist and his thumb." They questioned his talents, "he's a flash in the pan." They said, "Marc Bulger was just a better quarterback."

All the Rams needed to do at the time was block for him. He was shell-shocked because Martz refused to keep blockers in to protect him. Instead Martz, the quarterback coach genius, picked Bulger over Warner. Rams management, fans and media turned on Warner the way investors have turned on Bernie Maddoff. The bloviators on the radio knew best, Warner was done. He took more hits from the sports media, and "Rams fans" than from opposing teams. He was the two time league MVP, the Super Bowl MVP and helped carry the Lombardi trophy down Market Street and that's the thanks he gets.

Now he's back on top, and the same people who ran him out of town are now trying to rewrite history. They try to justify why, at the time, it was the right move. Well, I say, "When is it ever the right move to let go of a quarterback who has now taken two different teams to the Super Bowl?"

Funny, with all the experts in town, nobody has come clean and said, "I was wrong." That's okay, Kurt Warner is saying it for you. McGraw 1/30/09

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Did you see KMOV's story on Stacey Lannert??

If you didn't here's the link .

Eighteen years ago, Stacey Lannert killed her father while he was asleep. She was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. In the final moments of Governor Blunt's term, he commuted her sentence. Basically freeing her from jail. She is now free, and on a pubic relations campaign, hence the KMOV story. On KTRS we spoke with the St Louis Country prosecutor Robert McCulloch last week about the recent events. (Listen to interview here)

As for the KMOV story, they filmed a meeting between Lannert and the police officer,Tom Schulte who believed her story of abuse. He defended her all these years and feels vindicated. Great. Where was this meeting taking place after 18 years? Not at a house or restaurant, but in a parking lot in the middle of a park right after a snow storm? Right, that wasn't staged for the cameras. Within the story we find out the defense nor the prosecution call him as a witness. Why not?? Bad lawyers? No evidence? Judges ruling?

Not mentioned in the KMOV story, Lannert shot her father twice, once in the arm and once in the head while he was sleeping. No mention that McCulloch thinks her child abuse allegations were a ploy to look sympathetic. No mention that McCulloch thinks she did it in cold blood, and no mention that McCulloch is angry Blunt commuted the sentence.

Unlike prisoners who have been freed and declared innocent because of DNA results, everybody agrees Lannert killed her father. A jury heard the evidence 18 years ago and sentenced her to life in prison. No new evidence has serviced. No new leads have developed, and Governor Blunt, who signed the order on his last Saturday night in office, has never explained his actions.

I'm picking on KMOV, but all St Louis media outlets have missed this story. McGraw 1/29/09